Minn Water

R&D, Laboratory & Pilot Services

We are continually researching, developing, and improving water and wastewater treatment technologies, and we are committed to innovation and strive to offer clients advanced solutions. Our global partners are equipped with state-of-art instruments and laboratory testing capabilities. Our R&D, laboratory and pilot services include:

  • Technology development and transfer
    • Participation in start-up teams to develop innovative technologies
    • Technology transfer to application partners
  • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Evaluation of technical capabilities of companies related to water and wastewater technology and services
    • Strategic technical guidance to investors in environmental technologies
  • A wide range of water and wastewater testing from basic characterization to bench- and pilot-scale experimentation
  • Pilot studies tailored to clients’ needs
    • Pilot/demonstration skid units are provided for clients’ use
    • Assistance with set-up and commissioning of the pilot system
    • Detailed operating instructions are provided
    • A comprehensive report is provided at the end of the pilot study